Edison Healthcare was created by Tom Emerick and Rick Chelko, independent consultants who vested in the status quo and believe there is a better way. It was founded by health care professionals who believe they can make a difference in the lives of individuals facing serious health issues.

Edison Healthcare bases its principles in the Hippocratic Oath and knows what smart, quality health-care looks like. We believe accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment approaches should trump money-driven health care.

Our objective is to help our clients and employers/businesses around the world provide their employees and plan members the best care possible.


"It is so great to be without that terrible pain in my hip! I am so grateful for you and all your time invested on the journey. It was a positive trip in so many ways!" — RF

"I have nothing but compliments for the Edison Healthcare program. From the minute you walk in you are greeted by your nurse navigator and are 'hand held' at every step of the process.  — SR

"I was treated with respect and the people were very gracious and hospitable! I thank you for everything that you did on my behalf! " — RC