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Heritage Biologics was founded by a rare disease patient and a team of pharmacy experts. They set out on a mission to redesign customer service in the infusion and specialty pharmacy market. The customer service models of old simply don't offer the value that is needed in today's healthcare setting. Heritage Biologics has answered the question above. 

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MedComp Sciences

MedComp Sciences focuses on promoting innovation in healthcare that exceeds the expectations of patients and providers. Edison Healthcare partnered with MedComp Sciences to provide patients with answers from pharmacogenetics testing, and help them to unlock the code to their health by gaining insight into their body’s reaction to more than 150 medicines. By helping patients learn how their body metabolizes different medications -  patients and healthcare providers can create optimum treatment plans.

ProActive MD Edison Healthcare



Proactive MD partners with employers to provide employer-sponsored, onsite Health & Wellness Centers staffed with board certified MDs or DOs and a dedicated Patient Advocate. The Proactive MD model puts the physician-patient relationship back where it’s meant to be: At the heart of medicine. Giving physicians more time to get to know their patients, and supporting patients as they become better consumers of health, creates a profoundly meaningful relationship with the entire care team. We call it Care Without Compromise. For employers, the Proactive MD model reduces the high cost of healthcare and allows them to invest in the well-being of their team more efficiently and effectively.



Regenexx provides innovative, non-surgical solutions to repair and regenerate orthopedic injuries in a way that was previously only achievable with surgery.  Edison Healthcare has partnered with Regenexx to bring patients the newest scientific breakthroughs for treating common orthopedic conditions such as joint replacement, osteoarthritis, and acute injuries through needle based injections that use the patient’s own cells.