Q: Who handles the travel plans?

A: The Edison Healthcare Service Team will schedule and communicate all travel plans.

Q: Who qualifies as a travel companion?

A: The travel companion can be a family member, friend or caregiver. One travel companion is covered by the plan. The companion may only receive the benefits tax free if the companion is medically required or recommended by the home physician.

Q: Can the participant choose the hotel/airline that is used?

A: No. In order to receive travel benefits under this program, Edison Healthcare must make all travel accommodations. Any airline or hotel reservation changes must be made through Edison Healthcare.

Q: Is there a requirement for the participant to have a traveling companion?

A: Dependent minors are required to have a parent or guardian as a traveling companion. In many instances services rendered may require a parent or guardian's signature. Adults are not required to travel with a companion.


Q: How many times can a participant use this program?

A: A participant can use this program as many times as needed as long as he/she is enrolled in the health plan and meets clinical criteria for the covered services.


Q: How can someone receive more information about Edison HealthCare or take advantage of this benefit?

A: By calling Edison Healthcare at 1-866-982-7988